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this is not even close to as good as X-files was in my oppin. The first show was very "childlike", as if a virus could desolve a body in 5 sec pffft, and the cow...geezuz I am not 10 yars old. it could have been really good though. what a shame

Your name makes you sound like ten years old, you SPELL like a ten year old, and you are YAPPING like a ten year old!

now thats comedy...!
hehe i know.. this is my fps nick I use it so I can remember it.. I don't care my spelling this is not an essey contest
besides the yars was spelled wrong deliberately =)
I downloaded this episode with the Transmission Bittorrent client.
It played well, but with some skipping on Ubuntu 7.10 Hardy with the xine codec set.
I found the premise and storyline required not only suspension of disbelief, but also suspension of too many other expectations to enjoy it.
Since the show pretends to have fringe science as its subject, I had hoped that the show would place at least some emphasis on the scientific part of the plot.
dude sweet jus bin lookin for this thx in advance as always circleness ;-) will be seedin all my fring episodes ;-)
LOl at the horribleness of this show. stop comparing it to somethign so great as X files
thx! to circlenses and eztv I am about to finish the fringe 1st series. #18 left I am opening all to unlimit upload good luck enjo. I will finish watching and work on ultimate bionic series I have all but 3rd series if any one is interested to watch it, it is in the codecs...
oops 3rd series bionic women the rest I have. look for the 54gig down load. old but, as a kid it was the best, if you were not watch it then it was the hulk if neither shows you were out side playing... any way again if any video's don't seem to work look into updating or getting better codec's
Please seed......
Plz Seed ;D

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